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Carpo is a gastronomic meeting place with a deep focus on the natural and the healthy. It stands as a space of worship to well-being and contact with our environment through restoration, where the human is made present in nature.

Gastronomy and space are united under the same premise: to be in contact with our environment. The nature, the environment and the combination of its elements are fundamental parts of the creation of the Carpo identity.

In order to reflect the balanced plurality of our surroundings, Carpo is satisfied by the harmonious accumulation of elements, ingredients and pieces, which, when united, mixed and combined, present a coherent whole without losing the individual identity of each one.

As in the gastronomic section, where these ingredients are combined and varied to result in elaborations that put us in contact with our nature, the space project follows the same premise generating 4 spaces that refer directly to natural environments: the jungle, the desert, the sea and the sky; And that combined generate a cohesive and harmonious set within the plurality.

TEAM: We are eNSaLaDa!
Lorna de Santos
Marta Badiola