Delocalized Kruger Park

The physical space of the Kruger Park is dematerialized. Kruger is in your kitchen, Kruger is in a shopping mall, and also in your bathroom. Through continuous live broadcast of the park, the geographical entity ceases to exist as such to become a globalized entity.
The interference is minimal, the impact is greatest. The creation of this facility is a contemporary approach to a global space, with which the interaction is based on the virtual media as an expansive medium that gives democratic access to the place.
This approach to the space aims to communicate the natural processes taking place in these contexts in a way that little has to do with the ways of interacting with nature implemented so far, rising awarness on the fragility of these environments by helping to understand it better and promoting initiatives that support its development and conservation.

TEAM: We are eNSaLaDa!
Jorge Pizarro
Juan Crespo
Alba Carrasco
Carmela Carvajal
Marta Diego
Rafa Laredo