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The spanish beer brand Mahou wants to transform the old palace of Duque del Infantado into a space linked to Madrid and its people, reinforcing the aim of being a company that, born in Madrid in 1890, it belongs to its history and tradition.


Here’s  our proposal:

Madrid adds a new street: CALLE MAHOU (Google it!).

A street that is added to the existing urban fabric of the city to become a new landmark for Madrid. The city expands inside the building gaining ground for its citizens, spaces to colonize, active and reactive spaces. A street that reflects the idiosyncrasies of Madrid, its culture, its elements, its activities, its roots with spaces recognizable by the user full of locals elements. New spaces full of tradition.

The palace is introduced into the skyline of tiled pitched roofs, pots on the terraces, balconies of wrought iron, calamari sandwiches, chotis, carnations, market odor, conversations in squares, red sunsets and beers in the company. Mahou Street is Madrid and its locals. A space created by and for the people. Madrid is not only its streets, is in its people and their lives. The street is full of its inhabitants’ lifes and its inhabitants fill it with their things. People complete the space, program and use.  A space that encourages the active engagement of its neighbours and the integration into their lifes.

The street is surrounded by rooms, the rooms have size and context but the program that houses the street is not seen as static, closed and compartmentalized. Instead, is a fluid and diluted program where anything can happen here or there. The program is everywhere and everywhere you can create the program.

A new concept. Traveling to the Golden Age by the hand of Calderon de la Barca and a very cold Botijo. See a Soccer World Cup with your friends or accompany your grandparents to their domino activities. There is no limit for spatial proposals thanks to the spatial fluidity and ease of accommodating new scenarios.

A street that makes its way into the building braking it into five interconnected pieces to stand as new buildings with new facades raised on all sides, encouraging interaction between the inhabitants of this new extension of the urban fabric.

By fragmenting the building, a new accessible, complex and dynamic communication within it is created.  Allowing navigation through all the levels, platforms and floors connected together, thus ensuring universal accessibility of the “street”. A new opening that enhances the security and fire protection, evacuation, accessibility and removal of architectural barriers. Improves the bioclimatic performance adopting Mediterranean streetown configuration.

One of the main venues will be the Patio, core of activities and focus of looks from anywhere in the building: walkways, balconies and windows of the new interior walls. A playground for informality. A playground for the new, for the unexpected, for fun, to relax, to be under the sun, to be in the shade, to smell the flowers, drink beer, to sit, to lie, to hear a song, or a play, to laugh, to mourn. . .

The store or stores are mobile, flexible and adaptable. Starting from this idea, a collapsible cart is designed to tour the building. The shop is not anywhere and is everywhere, is where the buyers are. At Mahou street. Above. And down. And it moves with its cart, and opens and closes and “clink” cash, and thank you very much, and come back soon. And you’re going out to the street, but you were already there.

Small domestic meeting spaces, household, thoroughbred … your living room is brought into: we have sofas, we have tables, we have TVs, and a Flemish above the TVs, we have your grandmother’s chair, we have books, magazines for when you go to the bathroom, we have prawns, we have it all! … and we  have BEER, everywhere, thanks to a distribution system that will cover the place with beer taps in multiple spots.

For the Mahou workers, we start from the concept a meeting room is people gathered.No specific spaces are required, they can work in the garden, work on the terrace, work alone, work with other people, work sitting, work standing, work still, moving work, work quietly, work with noise around, work here, work there… and when stop working … time for a beer! New adaptable, flexible and mobile furniture is designed to take to the courtyard, the terrace or the multipurpose hall. It unfolds and folds when work is completed, leaving the rooms free for different activities.

All decisions foster an interactive and dynamic space, full of physical and visual communications, creating interactive spaces for Madrid: look out the window, gossip, go to the street, live and sing.

Experience the street from all its angles, from above and from below, from the right and the left. Walk, travel it. Discover its corners. Just around the corner there is a concert, on the terrace below there is a party and over there there is an exhibition. Day and night. Say hello to your neighbor, how are you Paco?, walk the dog. Just around the corner there’s a party on the terrace there is an exhibition and a concert down there.

TEAM: We are eNSaLaDa!
Jorge Pizarro
Lorna de Santos
Paula Mena
Marta Badiola