The Self Made City








The international workshop taking place in Barcelona had the aim to study the particular situation of Can Batlló, an old private industrial area in the centre of the city with a development project of converting it into a high quality residential area and a hotel under the claim of the neighbours to convert it into a public bulding.
The workshop had two lines of action:
1. Role-play negotiating table about the future development of Can Batlló, with six invited members to represent main agents of the urban development.
POLITICIAN: Jordi Martí, Councillor District Sants-Montjuic.
CITIZENSHIP: Pep Marcé, member of the assembly of BlocOnze.
ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: Josefa Marin Luengo, Professional interested in developing economic activity in Can Batllo.
URBAN PLANNER: Altiseny Oriol and Laia Torras, Authors of the current urban plan of the area.
ARCHITECT-ACTIVIST: Eliseu Arrufat, LaCol member of the group, involved in the development of BlocOnze.
2. Development of nine POST-ITS URBAN reconfigurable prototypes for colonization and appropriation of new public spaces in the neighborhood. The prototypes were made with pallets and fruit boxes.

Markus Vogl (Stuttgart)
Timo Kegel (Stuttgart)
Mariona Benedito (UPC)
Colectivo Lacol (Can Batlló)
Luis Basabe (ETSAM)