Torre de Retamares







A project on the outskirts of Madrid, in a desolate plot of 240,000 m2, the statement was to build 288 apartments in two towers opting for a high-density building against what initially may request a plot of this size. Each tower is surrounded by ribs in its perimeter being the building’s main structure and the union of both parts of the building at a critical point as it is the top of the building. This is where a shed for temporary events and activities lies, covered by a series of nerves that arise from the piers defining the outer skin of the tower.
The houses dump their views over the city’s landscape, as a review of the Mediterranean house where the space outside the house is especially relevant. The interior spaces become independent through bottlenecks between the straight line and the curve, and by a differentiation of levels rising from the public to the private area, in a promotion to our most intimate gathering and holy space.

The project was taken up later on to adapt it to the competition of the “4º PREMIO SCHINDLER ESPAÑA DE ARQUITECTURA: A LAS SOLUCIONES DE MOVILIDAD Y ACCESIBILIDAD”. What is presented are the panels delivered to the competition that won the 3rd prize in its first phase, after further in-depth study of the vertical, horizontal and inclined communications of the tower.